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3.5" Makhan Chor (Yogurt Thief)
    Close 3.5" Makhan Chor (Yogurt Thief)
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    3.5" Makhan Chor (Yogurt Thief)

    Price: $7.00

    Code: A122

    Product Descriptions

    Krishna sometimes plays as a naughty boy and steals yogurt from the gopis. He likes to share it with His friends, but when there is too much, they feed the yogurt to the monkeys. Small Yogurt thief, in classic style, colorfully hand painted refined resin, lightweight and durable.

    Statue size: 3.5 inches, base .75 inches. Total height 4.25 inches
    Base dimensions: 4 x 3 inches

    Comes in gift box with poly form packaging for safe shipping.