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Christ and Krishna
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    Christ and Krishna

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    By Satyaraja dasa (Steven Rosen).Christ and Krishna: Where the Jordan Meets the Ganges. This book offers insight into the mystical aspect of the religious journey. Its intent is to highlight the harmony of spiritual truth, not the divisiveness that often separates religious traditions.This is achieved through the medium of a story - a dialogue between two friends, both born and raised in India. One is a wandering mendicant in the Vaishnava-Hindu tradition and the other a Jesuit theologian.Together, they unlock the mysteries of their respective traditions, showing both similarities and differences. In the ultimate analysis, however, their paths embody an over-arching oneness, allowing them to speak in terms of nonsectarianism and universal spirituality.

    Softbound, 140 pages, 4.5" x 7".