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Comprehensive Guide to Bhagavad-gita
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    Comprehensive Guide to Bhagavad-gita

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    By Hridayananda Dasa Goswami. Softbound, 224 pages, with literal translation.

    Widely referred as a work of spiritual and philosophic genius, Bhagavad-gita excels in providing reasonable, satisfying responses to lifeŠ—'s biggest issues: Who am I? Why do I exist? What is the Universe? What is God?

    For some, the elegant, highly readable Gita translation contained herein will be their first encounter with the text, while others may already have a frequently read version waiting at home. In either case, this comprehensive guide, with its systematic analysis of major themes and its hundreds of Gita references, represents a one-of-a-kind companion for beginners, advanced students and experienced scholars alike. With encyclopedic knowledge and an insiderŠ's understanding of the text, the author guides us in simple accessible prose to the very heart of the GitaŠ—'s sublime conclusions. Thus, this comprehensive guide not only constitutes a first-rate book of reference, but also proves a thoroughly engaging and illuminating read.

    Š—“"Anyone who has read one of the several English translations of the famed Bhagavad-gita, with its richness of life-affirming truth, may have come away feeling spiritually refreshed yet vaguely uncertain as to whether or not the Gita upholds a clearly developed system of thought. With its sophisticated thematic approach, this comprehensive guide brings clarity to the GitaŠ—'s content in a a most thorough and systematic way, inviting both first-time and seasoned readers to vigorously engage with then text while enjoying the rewards of deep understanding. Especially impressive is the fact that this volume not only provides the reader with a stimulating learning experience, but also serves as an exceptional reference book for specific topics. Thus, in terms of my own Gita studies, I am happy to have the benefit of this comprehensive guide, as well as the excellent, highly literal, translation that comes with it. And I certainly will be recommending this book to my students of Indian Philosophy.Š—"
    -Kenneth Valpy Ph.D., Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies.

    "Š—“H.D. GoswamiŠ—'s Comprehensive Guide with Literal Translation provides readers with unique insight into the essential meaning of Bhagavad-gita, with succinct, carefully crafted explications of complex philosophical themes. Concise yet thorough, this skillful exposition, containing hundreds upon hundreds of key Gita references, affords a conceptual window into the core elements of KrishnaŠ—'s teaching to Arjuna. Throughout this work we are grade by the knowledge, Sanskrit expertise and personal illuminations of one who is not only a highly trained scholar, but also a widely experienced spiritual teacher. Goswami is thus to be commended for aso eloquently polishing the various facets of this most precious and rare jewel of sacred literature so that we, the reader, may perceive that much more of its unbounded brilliance.Š—"
    -Graham M. Schweig, Ph.D., Professor of Philosophy and Religion, Christopher Newport University

    Š—“"In the late 18th century, Bhagavad-gita became the first Sanskrit work to be rendered in an European tongue, and since that time, it has generated countless translations and secondary analyses. Among these, however, H.D. GoswamiŠ—'s Comprehensive Guide with Literal Translation excels in its capacity to schematize and summarize the GitaŠ—'s powerful appeal as a source of perennial wisdom. The literal translationŠ—'s careful nuancing demonstrates the authorŠ—'s Sanskrit mastery and philosophical expertise while the GuideŠ—'s focused precision and theological depth reflect the training of a Harvard doctorate as well as the spiritual insight of one dedicated to the Sannyasa (renounced) order. Thematically divided into twelve parts, each with multiple subsections that focus on major issues, the GuideŠ—'s strongest features are its expert pinpointing of verses that pertain to each theological topic and its contextual analysis, articulated in succinct crisp prose that eschew both academic jargon dn sectarian rhetoric. It is an excellent resource not only for those approaching the Gita as a spiritual manual, but also for those seeking a more systematic and rigorous understanding of its philosophical content. I look forward to using this work in my Hinduism courses."Š—
    -Edwin Bryant, Professor of Hindu Religion and Philosophy, Rutgers University.