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Kaliya Krishna Fountain 8.5"
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    Kaliya Krishna Fountain 8.5"

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    In Krishna's Pastime with Kaliya, the many-hooded Naga (Snake) Kaliya was threatening harm to the residents of Vrindavan. Krishna chastised him severely by dancing on his hoods and battering him nearly until death. He was only saved from death at the feet of Krishna by the pleading and beautiful prayers of his wives to Krishna. As a result of his encounter with Krishna, the many-hooded naga became pacified and freed of wrath, the all-devouring enemy of this world.

    Water comes from the area beneath Krishna's feet, just under the marble, and flows over the waves in three areas to pour into the basin below.

    Fountain height: 8.5 inches
    Base Dimensions: 7x7 inches