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Dharmageddon DVD
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    Dharmageddon DVD

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    Undead atheists on the streets of San Antonio want to eat your brains, Spaghetti monsters want to change your faith, Evil scientists try to understand identity by swapping monkeys heads. Whose got enough devotion and street credibility to stop this spooky sacrilege? Krishna Cops wearing trousers, funky doodle brahmins with enough bull goose mantras to burn the house down! And then build it back up again! Dharmageddon, will take you beyond the grave into the boogie-down spiritual world!

    It's the 1970's and an atheist scientist plots to poison the world with a reductionist serum that he plans to sneak into the world's food supplies. Anyone who ingests it becomes a brainwashed zombie. Who can stop them? Enter the Krishna Cops, Haribols on patrol. They fight off the invading horde of atheist follower zombies, the flying spaghetti monster, and even the devil with the maha-mantra and Vedic logic, all the while contending with a tough brahmacari/sergeant and a nutritional yeast addiction.

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