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Illustrated Bhagavatam Stories
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    Illustrated Bhagavatam Stories

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    Stories compiled from Srimad Bhagavatam

    The true mystical adventures of Illustrated Bhagavatam Stories highlight the glory and decline of India's ancient culture and philosophy. According to the Vedas, India's oldest sacred scriptures, Vedic culture existed on Earth for nearly 3.9 million years, but, 5000 years ago, that world culture suffered a major setback. The dawning of a new age, an evil age triggered a sharp downturn in moral, social, and spiritual standards, causing widespread chaos and disunity. Around 2,500 years later, the remaining followers of that original Vedic culture became known as Hindus.

    In this volume, the first of an eighteen-volume series, the stories focus mainly on Earth's ancient transition from a Copper Age to a dark Iron Age, the current age. Interwoven into the sage's threads of ambition and sacrifice, love and conflict are the Vedic concepts of vegetarianism, astrology, the twists of karma, mystic yoga, the demigods controlling our universe, and more.The finale confronts an age-old problem, the never ending conflict between good and evil. It concludes with a Vedic prophecy: the forces of evil will soon subside again, making way for a very special 10,000 year Golden Age

    Full color illustrations on each page, and the accompanying story. 8.5x6" in size. Hardbound, 267 pages, 200 color pages