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Mirabai 9"
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    Mirabai 9"

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    Mirabai is a Vaisnava saint from the 16th century who composed over 1,300 bhajans for Lord Krishna.

    Born a princess, she gained the disapproval of her family when she refused to worship the family Durga deity, and proclaimed that the man she was married to was not her true husband, as she was married to Krishna.

    Her husband's death in battle (in 1521 AD) was only one of a series of losses Mira experienced. Her father-in-law, Rana Sanga respected and protected Mirabai. However; he also died after a few years and Mira was then persecuted by the rest of her in-laws. She found Krishna to be her only support and rebuked the instructions of her in-laws to give up her worship of Giridhar Gopal. Her grief turned into a passionate spiritual devotion that inspired in her countless poems drenched with separation and longing.

    Beautiful 9" tall statue, packed in Polyform foam material and gift box.