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Shiva Meditates 8.5"
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    Shiva Meditates 8.5"

    Price: $18.00

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    Product Descriptions

    Here Lord Shiva is shown carrying his trident and drum. His water pot stands on the side. He holds his right hand up for distributing blessings.

    Lord Shiva is always meditating on the Supreme Lord, his master who gives him his specific duties in the universe. Made from high quality resin, with meticulous hand painting to exhibit the fine details.
    The brilliant waterproof paint makes this statue ideal not only for decoration but also for altar worship as well.

    Statue size: 8 inches, base: .5 inch, total size: 8.5 inches
    Base dimensions: 8 x 5.25 inches (Oval base)

    Comes in gift box with poly form foam packing for safe shipping.