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Brass Nataraja 17"
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    Brass Nataraja 17"

    Price: $150.00

    Code: KK29

    Product Descriptions

    Nataraja 17 inches, antique finish Nataraja, literally, the King of Dance, is Lord Shiva dancing his divine dance called Tandavam, to destroy the weary universe and prepare for its renewal by Lord Brahma, the creator.

    Shiva is dancing in an aureole of flames, lifting his left leg and balancing over a demon named Muyalaka who symbolizes ignorance. Basically it represents the form of angry Lord Shiva who danced furiously after death of Sati, his other half.

    Height: 17.25 inches
    Depth:4.25 inches
    Width: 13.5 inches

    Weight: 12lb 6oz