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Brass Laxmi Nrsimha 4"
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    Brass Laxmi Nrsimha 4"

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    Product Descriptions

    Lord Nrsimha is the half-man, half lion incarnation of Vishnu, and is known for protecting His devotees. He is one of the Dasa Avatar incarnations. Laksmi devi, His eternal consort, is sitting on His lap. This is a form of Lord Nrsimha in a peaceful mood. At other times, he can be very fierce to protect the devotees.

    Daily prayers to Lord Nrsimha are chanted in temples worldwide. One can also sing the song at home. The song can be found in the temple bhajan book( TBB)

    Height: 24.25 inches
    WIdth: 2 inches
    Length: 2.75 inches

    Weight: 18.3 oz
    or 518 gms