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Laxmi Cascade Fountain 15"
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    Laxmi Cascade Fountain 15"

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    Product Descriptions

    Laxmi is the goddess who governs all forms of wealth and success. She is the path, the means and result of all forms of prosperity. As the Consort of Lord Vishnu, Who is the Lord of preservation, Lakshmi Devi is the goddess of wealth and beauty. Sri Lakshmi embodies sublime beauty, peace, strength, balance, auspiciousness, opulence and wisdom. Goddess Lakshmi brings "Good Luck".

    She is one of the 32 million demigods in the creation of the Lord who can give these auspicious blessings. However, this can only be done with the sanction of the Lord.

    Bring this beautiful fountain into your home and receive her divine grace.

    The water action on this fountain emanates from the topmost lotus flower and cascades on either side of Lakshmi, dropping into the pool below her and making a beautiful trickling sound.

    Made from hand-painted resin.

    Fountain size:
    Height: 15 inches.
    Base dimensions: 10 x 10 inches
    Shipping weight: 16 lb.

    Comes in gift box with polyform foam for safe shipping.