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Fiberglass "Balarama" Mridanga 20"
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    Fiberglass "Balarama" Mridanga 20"

    Price: $225.00

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    Product Descriptions

    A mridanga is a traditional Bengali clay drum, used to accompany devotional bhajans and kirtans. Very intricate rhythms can be performed by the expert players.

    This mridanga has a body made of high quality fiberglass and is unbreakable, unlike clay. All the other parts, including heads, bumpers and straps can be replaced. The drum can last a lifetime. Includes a tuning key. Limited supply, handmade in USA.

    Heads may be tightened with hex screws; includes strap, hex wrench, heads, rubber bumper rings . The body is 20" in length, the small head is 3 inches, large is 7 inches.

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    This item ships unassembled.