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Prince of Dharma
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    Prince of Dharma

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    by Ranchor Prime, Illustrations by B.G. Sharma

    With over sixty stunning plates of original art, Prince of Dharma is a bold and glorious rendering of the life of the Buddha by author Ranchor Prime, who brings to life the inspired work of award-winning artist B.G. Sharma with a sensitive, immensely readable, and rarely seen biography of the Buddha. From his birth as a prince to his final lesson in achieving nirvana, Sharma captures it all.

    Ornamented throughout with quotes from A Dhammapada for Contemplation by Ajahn Munindo, the combination of Prime's story and Sharma's art culminate in the most unique contribution to the canon of Buddhist literature and art that has emerged since the Buddha took birth thousands of years ago.

    130 pages, hardbound with dustjacket