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The Real You
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    The Real You

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    By Radhanath Swami

    Wisdom is the quality of having experience, knowledge and good judgement about the truths of life. Essentially, knowledge that not just informs but also actually transforms is called wisdom. Historically, knowledge has always been combined with art. Our experience and the experience of the world is that each form of learning can influence us equally powerfully.

    In this book, you will find a combination of the wisdom of the heart with the wisdom of the art.This combined wisdom can make us ponder, wonder and help us overcome the blunder of ignorance which leads to suffering and sorrow.

    When the sun shines on a snow-capped mountain, the layers of snow melt down helplessly. Similarly, when the sun-like wisdom shines on a covered entity, layers of ignorance start melting away, thus uncovering "The Real You".

    This book is a collection of pearls of wisdom, in the necklace of life, for the beauty of the soul.

    Softbound, 154 pages