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The Book of Samskaras for Successful Life
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    The Book of Samskaras for Successful Life

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    Purificatory Rituals for Successful Life (Vaisnava tradition of India) by Prema Rasa Dasa (Rivault Philippe) and Sandipani Muni Dasa (Sordon Luc). The Sanskrit word "samskara" means "perfect deed." Its rite rests on a series of actions in harmony with metaphysical rules that manifest the invisible reality, which our gross senses cannot perceive, in the visible world. Samskaras eradicate bad karma and increase the auspicious influences. Here is an authoritative elaboration of their origin, context with reference to Vedic culture, and proper performance for marriage, conception, birth, name-giving, upbringing, funeral, etc. Definitive descriptions of ritual techniques are given, including Kusandika, Homa, Vivaha-samskara, Laja-homa, Garbhadana, Pumsavana, Simantonnayana, Soyanti-homa, Jata-karma, Paustika-karma-samskara, Nama-karana, Anna-prasana, Cuda-karanam, Vidyarambha, Upanayana, Antyesti-kriya, Avahana-homa, etc.
    Hard, color cover, 372 pp.