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Rounded Tulasi Japa Beads
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    Rounded Tulasi Japa Beads

    Price: $9.00

    Code: SRJB

    Regular, $9
    Large, $12
    Maha, $18

    Product Descriptions

    Mantra meditation mala of 108 beads, made of sacred Tulasi wood. Tulasi is a holy plant in India, and everything about her is auspicious. Chanting on Tulasi beads engages the touch sensation, besides the hearing and chanting. This is the means to focus all attention to the chanting and meditation.

    The Maha Tulasi Rounded mala has nice sanded rounded beads. This is a nice option for your initiation beads.

    Regular:  6mm bead strung on a 36 inch long mala
    Large:  6mm bead transitions to an 8mm bead strung on a 52 inch long mala
    Maha:  6mm bead transitions to a 19mm bead strung on a 72 inch long mala