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Shadows of the Sun Dynasty
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    Shadows of the Sun Dynasty

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    Shadows of the Sun Dynasty
    The Sita's Fire Trilogy: Book One
    An illustrated series based on the Ramayana
    By Vrinda Sheth
    Illustrated by Anna Johansson

    Welcome to the royal city of Ayodhya, an ancient realm ruled by the Sun dynasty, where peace reigns among the citizens while discord simmers behind the palace walls. A prophecy predicts that a son of the Sun dynasty will slay the immortal Ravana and defeat his demon army--but how will a mere human succeed where all the gods have failed?

    "Brilliant full-color illustrations by Johansson, which render the fantasy world in all its fearsome beauty, accompany the text. Sheth places particular importance on the female characters in her account, imbuing them with strength and pathos...An impressive recounting of an ancient South Asian legend." - Kirkus Reviews

    "Vrinda Sheth is an extraordinarily gifted storyteller, who, with her mother's exquisite illustrations, is bringing the universal epic of the Ramayana to life for all ages. It illuminates timeless human dilemnas, particularly for women, and inspires us all to our destiny." - Shiva Rea, global yoga teacher, activist, and author of Tending the Heart Fire

    "Vrinda Sheth's brand-new retelling of the Ramayana brings the great epic vividly to life. A highly entertaining read that never loses sight of the profound spiritual themes that run through the revered classic." - Krishna Dharma, author of Ramayana: India's Immortal Tale of Adventure, Love, and Wisdom

    This mother-daughter team have worked together on The Sita's Fire Trilogy for over a decade. Their first book won at the Independent Book Publishers Benjamin Franklin Awards, received an honorable mention at the New York Book Show, and was a finalist in the USA Best Book Awards. Anna and Vrinda have nurtured their relationship and their respective crafts through their joint artistic ventures.

    Hardbound, 470 pages with 81 illustrations.