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Srimate's Vegetarian Delight Cookbook
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    Srimate's Vegetarian Delight Cookbook

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    It our pleasure to introduce the release of this wonderful vegetarian recipe book: Srimati Vegetarian Delights.

    Vegetarianism is becoming more popular as many people are adopting a more holistic approach to life. Part of todayŠ—Čs trend is also the acceptance of other cultures and traditions and as a result, a natural blending of cultures is occurring. We can see this in the kitchen as oriental spices are being used more in the Western homes and Asians are becoming more exposed to the Western cuisine and style of dining.

    The author of this book, Srimati Devi Dasi, from South Africa, used her vast experience as a restauranteur to produce a wonderful blend of classical infusions from both the Eastern and Western worlds. The aim is to promote pure vegetarian cooking to help bridge the cultural gaps, leading towards a peaceful society. Srimati Dasi is based in Mauritius. She and her husband run their restaurant called NitaiŠ—Čs Pure Vegetarian Snack where they have been able to combine their Eastern and Western culinary cultures.

    softbound, 169 pages and many color pictures of succulent dishes.