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    Vraja Lila by Indradyumna Swami. "On October 13, 1994, my dear disciple 19-year-old Vraja Lila dasi left her body in Sri Vrindavana-dhama. One year before, while suffering from leukemia, she had gone to Vrindavana assisted by her godsister Gandharvika Giridhari dasi, to prepare for her inevitable departure. As she told Gandharvika Giridhari several months before her departure, 'Some devotees are praying to be able to distribute books, some are praying to be good cooks and still others to be nice pujaris; but now at the end of my life I am begging to become intensely attached to Krishna.' Thus, when I arrived in Vrindavana at her request on the last day of her life, her Krishna consciousness amazed me. This book was originally intended only for my disciples. But after reflecting on the many realizations that I have gained from Vraja Lila's departure, I now want to share them with all devotees." From the author's Introduction. Soft, 96 pp., $7. VL