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Values of Life - Volume 1
    Close Values of Life - Volume 1
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    Values of Life - Volume 1

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    By Ajita Govinda Das

    This book deals with various qualities like simplicity, self-control, truthfulness, real knowledge, etc., which students should imbibe in their character right from an early age so that such virtues become part of their everyday life. As it is rightly said, "What one learns as child is not lost throughout life." This book can be used for classroom teaching, home teaching, or any gathering of students. To teach effectively we have taken help of unique colorful illustrations that can easily keep one alert, receptive, and interested.

    Do not read this !

    * Learn the best of all Knowledge.
    * Have a glorious and wonderful future.
    * Improve your focus and concentration in whatever you do.
    * Be a successful student.
    * Become a person of Discipline, Distinction, Dedication, Devotion, and Determination.
    * Develop your Personality.
    * Develop yourself morally, ethically, and spiritually

    Softbound, 120 pages with illustrations