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Hidden History of the Human Race
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    Hidden History of the Human Race

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    This 111 minute video features the following segments:

    Hidden History of the Human Race, Part 1 - Richard Thompson, Ph.D. (Sadaputa Dasa), takes you through the realms of Vedic science, using modern computer technology to illustrate his points. Color, 30 min.

    Spark of Life - The philosophy of Bhagavad-gita is the subject of contemplation for a college student who tries to make sense out of life. Color 24 min.

    F.A.T.E. The Diorama - The First American Transcendental Exhibition, a multi-media museum in Los Angeles. Color, 27 min.

    Dwaraka - Lost beneath the sea for thousands of years, a Vedic city is exhumed in this exciting documentary. Color, 30 min.