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Sri Yantra
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    Sri Yantra

    Price: $3.00

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    2 inch, $3
    3 inch, $4
    4 inch, $6
    5 inch, $9
    6 inch, $15
    9 inch, $18

    Product Descriptions

    Sri Yantra Copper Plate Power Yantras, assorted designs and sizes from 3 to 6 inches. Precisely engraved copper for puja use. Sri Yantra (Sanskrit) represents Siva and Shakti, male and female energy combined for productivity, peace and happiness. This yantra is specifically for Durga, the principal Mother Goddess. The 43 triangles in the yantra create the only representation of all her incarnations in one form and promote security, nurture, care, protection, courage and self-confidence. Mantra: "Om dhum durgaya namah." Good to chant daily but especially Fridays.