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Matsya Vastu Yantra (in Tamil)
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    Matsya Vastu Yantra (in Tamil)

    Price: $1.00

    Code: YA9

    3-inch, $2
    4-inch, $4
    5-inch, $6

    Product Descriptions

    2" Was $2.50 Now $1
    3" Was $3 Now $2
    4" Was $4.50 Now $4
    5" Was $7 Now $6

    Vastu Copper Plate Power Yantra, assorted sizes from 2 to 5 inches. Precisely engraved copper for puja use.

    For business and house to bring prosperity and wealth. Keep the yantra in northeast corner of house and office. It is also used as the base upon which is placed the water conch and for installation (prana pratistha) and abhishek of conch.