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Ramdarbar Boat Lila 7"
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    Ramdarbar Boat Lila 7"

    Price: $21.00

    Code: YX1008

    Product Descriptions

    Sita, Rama, Laxman and Hanuman are traveling in their famous boat lila pastime.
    Lord Rama is often compared to a boatman as he helps the conditioned souls to pass over the ocean of birth and death. Humble Hanuman, as the best servant of Lord Rama, is rowing the boat of his beloved Lord Rama and His consort Sita devi.

    This unique state is a great gift for a special friend.

    Made from high quality resin and hand-painted in fine detail.

    Statue Size:
    Height: 7 inches
    Width: 10.5 inches
    Depth: 3.5 inches

    Comes in gift box with poly form foam packaging for safe shipping.