The Book of Eggfree Cakes

The Book of Eggfree Cakes

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By Cintia Stammers. This beautifully opulent book begins with general information such as how to cook as an act of meditation, necessary and optional equipment, British and American terms, troubleshooting, etc. Then, recipes from around the world: 22 Sponge Cakes; 31 Squares, Wedges and Slices; 36 Fruit Loaves and Tea Breads, 30 Gateaux and Cheesecakes; 7 Puddings; 11 Small Cakes; 7 Savoury Cakes; 11 Everyday Icings and Fillings; and 18 Icings and Fillings for Special Occasions. The concluding section advises on choosing and adapting recipes, and includes special recipes, in case anything goes wrong, to transform disaster into success.
Hard color cover, 36 color plates, 256 pp.