Govardhan - The Traveling Monk in Sacred Places

Govardhan - The Traveling Monk in Sacred Places

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Indradyumna Swami is a spiritual teacher in the Bhakti Yoga tradition. He has authored the Diary of the Traveling monk series. This book is the first of its kind in a new series called The Traveling monk in Sacred Places which aims to reveal the glory of the sacred places of India to the world.

Govardhan is a full color, hardbound book with beautiful glossy pages and most amazing photography by Ananta Vrindavan Das. Book Size : 8.5 x 9 inches. Limited Edition.

O Govardhana, O king of mountains, O hill whose nectarean name "the best of Lord Hari's servants" flows from the moon of Sri Radha's mouth, O hill that the Vedas declare to be the tilaka marking of Vraja, please grant to me residence near you.     -Srila Raghunatha dasa Goswami (Sri-govardhana-vasa-prarthana-dasakam)

Dear Readers, embark on this parikrama with great expectation, for it is the epitome of all sacred journeys. Hear with faithful hearts the pastimes narrated and commented upon by an expert guide, Indradyumna Swami, and you are sure to relish nectar at every step!