Krishna with Cow 9.5"

Krishna with Cow 9.5"

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Krishna stands in a threefold bending form and beautifully plays on His flute in the green fields of Vrindavan. He wears a resplendent yellow dhoti and red chaddar. A beautiful garland decorates His body. A magnificent peacock feather is adorning His golden crown. Whenever Krishna plays on His flute, the cows are so attracted, that they come running and stand mesmerized around Him, listening to the transcendental sound of His divine flute.

This is a wonderful gift item for any special occasion.

This beautiful statue is made in high quality resin, with meticulous hand painting to exhibit the fine details. The brilliant waterproof paint makes this statue ideal, not only for decoration, but also for altar worship.

Statue size: 9.5 inches, base: 1.25 inches.
Base dimensions: 9.75 x 6.5 inches

This beautiful statue comes in a gift box with poly form foam packaging for safe shipping.