Fiberglass "Balarama" Mridanga 18" Color:Red

Fiberglass "Balarama" Mridanga 18" Color:Red

Product Details

A mridanga is traditionally a Bengali clay drum, used to accompany devotional bhajans and kirtans. Very intricate rhythms can be performed by the expert players. This mridanga, though, has a body made of high quality fiberglass and is unbreakable, unlike clay.  All the other parts, including heads, bumpers and straps can be replaced. The drum can last a lifetime.

Includes a tuning key and shoulder strap. Limited supply, handmade in USA.

Heads may be tightened/loosened for tuning by twisting the hex screws underneath the rubber rings with the tuning key. 

Overall length is about 18 inches; small head is 3 inches, large is 7 inches.

UPS shipping required. Shipping price for the USA (excluding Hawaii & Alaska) $35-45 depending on the location.