Spiritual Stories MP3

Spiritual Stories MP3

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A collection of devotional stories, narrated by Amala Bhakta with background music and sound effects. A fantastic idea for kids bedtimes or quiet time! Originally a series of cassettes, now all included on this one MP3 CD.

Below is a full list of the stories on this CD, almost 30 hours of listening:

Jagai and Madhai Redeemed
Trials and Triumphs of Haridas Thakura
Lord Caitanya Dances at Ratha-yatra
Krishna Kidnaps and Marries Rukmini
Krishna Blesses Sudama
Krishna Liberates Vidyadhara
Krishna Subdues Kaliya
Mother Yashoda Binds Krishna
Krishna Lifts Govardhana Hill
Baby Krishna Outwits Trnavarta
Reincarnation of King Bharata
Lord Krishna Fights Banasura
Birth of Lord Jagannath
Birth of Lord Krishna
The Child Saint Dhruva
The Child Saint Prahlada
Ajamila Saved from Death
Ambarisha vs. Durvasa
Chitraketu's Son Resurrected
Lord Shiva Delivered
Lord Caitanya Appears as Lord Krishna
Lord Caitanya Conquers the Kazi
Savitri Saves Her Husband from Death
Chyavana Regains His Youth
King Prithu--the Divine King
King Priyavrata--The Royal Renunciant
Devayani Sukracharya's Daughter

Approx. 30 hours