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Cow and Calf 6.5"
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    Cow and Calf 6.5"

    Price: $12.00

    Code: K75

    Product Descriptions

    Perfect for home altars, temples and house decorations, this adorable cow and calf pair epitomizes the love of the mother and child.

    The white or light brown Brahmana cows are very special in India. They are considered sacred and represent the mode of goodness.
    The cow and calf come as separate pieces in one package.

    Cow size:
    Higth: 6.5 inches
    Lenght: 8 inches
    Widht: 3 inches

    Calf size:
    Hight: 3 inches
    Lenght: 4 inches
    Widht: 1.5 inches