Diary of a Traveling Monk, Volume 11

Diary of a Traveling Monk, Volume 11

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In this volume of a Diary of a Traveling Monk, Indradyumna Swami takes us to Australia where he attends the Parliament of World Religions and puts on 47 festivals in 3 short months.

In Africa, we follow him as he joins a Food for Life program and distibutes prasadam and the holy names to the Zulu people near Durban.

Hear amazing stories of people whose lives are changed by his festival tour in Poland.

Read how Maharaja returns to Brazil, where he once sailed up the Amazon river to remote villages.

In India, we hear how Maharaja receives two transcendental gifts; one from a sadhu at Govardhan hill and another which belonged to Jaipur's royal family for a century!

As always, Maharaja meets a host of appreciative souls and shares his deep realizations with us in the chapter, "I never cry" and his letters to Srila Prabhupada and his godbrothers.

"By nature, Indradyumna Swami is an adventurer, and his life in Krishna consciousness has always been a perfect dovetailing of that adventuresome spirit. His diaries, then, are a potent means of delivering his steady, contagious enthusiasm for chanting the holy names of the Lord in public."
Kesava Bharati Maharaja (from the Foreword)