Kartamashayi Krishna 16"

Kartamashayi Krishna 16"

Product Details

This intricately detailed gloss finish Krishna stands in His three-fold bending form with His arms akimbo and His flute in hand. The soft pastel colors, gold highlights and gold jewelry give Him an aristocratic look.
The lotus base consists of two layers: the actual lotus flower, and underneath a circle of happy cows in the fields. Krishna is known as Gopal or Govinda, the lover of the cows. He is an eternal cowherd boy in Vrindavan.
The finish and texture of this statue resembles marble.

This is a gift for a any person and can even be used as a decorative statue. It is a great honor and unlimited benefit to have Krishna in your home.

Statue size: 12.5 inches, base: 3 inches. Total size: 15.5 inches.
Base dimensions: 4.5 x 3.5 inches

Comes in gift box with poly form foam packaging for safe shipping.