Practical Mrdanga Lessons


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Practical Mrdanga Lessons

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BOOK and CD kit for Mridanga Lessons

Practical Mrdanga Lessons Book and CD by Ramanujacarya Das. Tals (rhythmic cycles), tuning Balaram mrdangas, execution and combination of bols, mrdanga mantras, bhajan and kirtan mantras, bol ghin, mantras of six and twelve beats per cycle.

An easy guide to learning the basics of playing a mridanga drum. From tuning and holding it, to the many types of taps and strikes. Learn the tals, the bols, and the mridanga mantras. This simple booklet has pictures and lots of easy-to-understand music. It also has some more involved insight into Indian music. Spiral bound, 27 pages, 8.5" x 11.75". One audio CD, approximately 49 minutes.