Swami in a Strange Land

Swami in a Strange Land

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Swami in a Strange Land, How Krishna came to the west by Joshua M. Greene (Yogeshvara das)

In the turbulent 1960s with its civil rights marches, anti-war demonstrations, and challenges to traditional American life stepped 70-year old Bhaktivedanta Swami, on a mission to save the world. He arrived by cargo ship, having suffering two heart attacks on the storm-tossed journey. He had seven dollars to his name, knew no one, and had never been outside India. But he was determined to spread the teachings of Krishna, the Supreme Being of the ancient Vedic scriptures.

He passed away twelve years later. By then, Š—“PrabhupadaŠ— (as he was called by admirers) had built an international movement with millions of followers, translated dozens of Sanskrit sacred texts, established hundreds of centers to Bhakti (devotional) yoga, and made Krishna a household name through popular recordings and street chanting parties. The world of spirituality has never been the same.

Swami in a Strange Land shows why cultural icons such as George Harrison and Allen Ginsberg incorporated PrabhupadaŠ—ȳ teachings into their lives, and why millions more around the globe embarked upon the path of bhakti yoga in his footsteps.

317 pages, hardbound, with 22 black and white pictures, and 24 glossy photos.