Tulasi Wood Japa Beads (Various Sizes)

Tulasi Wood Japa Beads (Various Sizes)

Product Details

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Bead Type (Product Code)
Bead Size Mala Size (One Side) Total Size (Around)
Small  (SJB)
1/2 cm 19" 38"
Regular  (RJB)
1/2 cm 22" 44"
Long  (LJB)
1.5 cm 39" 78"
Big  (BJB)
1 cm 30" 60"
Maha  (MJB)
1.25 cm 33" 66"
Initiation  (IJB)
1.25 cm 40" 80"
Maha Maha  (MMJB)
1.75 cm 42" 84"

*Please note that these are approximate values only, individual sizes may vary
as these beads are all hand-made.*

Tulasi Japa beads, multistrand knotted nylon cord with orange tassel.

The sacred Tulasi plant (holy basil) is known for her devotion to Lord Vishnu.

Wearing and chanting on Tulasi beads helps to increase devotion.

All malas have 108 beads.