Vastu, The Origin of Feng Shui

Vastu, The Origin of Feng Shui

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Energize Your Home and Office With Nature's Heavenly Influences by Marcus Schmieke. Is it possible to have bad luck and attract good luck? Yes, say the ancient masters of Vastu and Feng Shui. You can take control and attain a lifestyle of your choice. The first step is to understand how Nature's positive and negative influences pervade every aspect of your life. The next step is to learn the art of harmonizing with Nature to maximise your good fortunes. How the ancient masters from India and China practised this science is revealed herein with proven modern day application.

The Origin of Vastu
The Origin of Feng Shui
Main Influences in Vastu
Check Your Outside Placement
Check Your Inside Positioning
Check Defects that may Cause Disease
Check your Land Attributes for Good Vastu
Vastu and Ayurveda for Complete Health
Easily Remove up to 98% of Defects
The Division of Energy Fields in a Building
Good Vastu Attracts Money
The Matrix and Mandalas of a Building
Creating Your Own Little Universe
Vastu and Geography
Vastu, Astronomy, and Astrology
Vastu and Nature's Law of Karma
Case Studies and Much More

Hard, dustjacket, 144 pp. numerous illustrations.