Kali Shiva 5"

Kali Shiva 5"

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Once Durga and her assistants, the Matrikas, wounded the demon Raktabija in an attempt to destroy him. They soon found out that for every drop of blood he lost, Raktabija reproduced a clone of himself. As the battle went on, more of his duplicates appeared. Durga became desperate and requested Kali to combat the demons. Kali appeared from Durga's forehead, armed with a sword and noose. She was decorated with a garland of skulls and looked terrible with her gaping mouth and her tongue sticking out. She had deep reddish eyes and filled the regions of the sky with her roars. She slaughtered the great demons in the army and devoured many of them. Kali destroyed Raktabija by sucking the blood from his body and by putting the many Raktabija duplicates in her gaping mouth. Pleased with her victory, Kali then danced on the battlefield, stepping on the corpses of the slain. Her consort Shiva was among the dead beneath her feet.

Statue size:  9 Inches
Base:  7 x 3.75 inches