First Lessons in Sanskrit, Part 1

First Lessons in Sanskrit, Part 1

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Samskrta Vidyarambhah, or First Lessons in Sanskrit Volume One, a language series book from the Goloka Trust Education Foundation.

This set includes: A student's workbook, teacher's manual, The Sanskrit Picture Dictionary, a pack of small posters, and four packs of game cards.

Features of the student manual include:
*Focus on Sanskrit as a spoken language
*Learning is structured around pairs and small groups
*Progression from simple to more complex language
*Tasks are designed of genuine communication to take place
*Students interact with authentic language
*A wide variety of teaching methods are utilized
*Multiple opportunities are provided for students to learn
*Initial emphasis on fluency rather than accuracy
*Interpersonal skills are developed through interactive tasks
*Multiple learning styles addressed throughout the course.

The Teacher's Manual includes:
*Clear explanations of each task and how best to conduct them
*Detailed overview grid of coverage in each unit
*Complete translations of all activities from the student book
*Clear explanations of the methods used throughout the course
*Insights into the gradual progression of language learning
*Practical considerations for extending fast learners
*Explanation of the purpose for incorporating the various games
*Alternative rules for playing the games
*Additional tasks and activities to supplement the units
*Thematic word lists provide a quick check reference.

The set also comes with four packs of game cards:
*Animals, Colours, People, Places & Things (Memory Card Games)
*Fruits and Vegetables (Memory Card Games)
*Colours and Krishna's Family (I Have, Who Has Card Games)
*Animals, Krishna's Family, My Family (Prcchatu Card Games)