Govardhana, the Hill That Fulfills All Desires

Govardhana, the Hill That Fulfills All Desires

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Govardhana: The Hill that Fulfills all Desires by Bhakti Caitanya Swami. Full color brilliant photo book depicting all the glorious tirthas of Govardhana. Book Size: 9.5 x 12, Hardbound with ribbon marker and decorative cardboard sleeve, gilded page edges, 490 pages with color photos and pictures throughout.

It is said that of all sacred areas, Vrindavana-dhama is the topmost. But there are so many lil-sthanas (pastime places) in Vreaja - which one of them is the highest? According to scriptural authorities, Govardhana Hill is the most special.

It was here that, five thousand years ago, Lord Krishna would go every day with His cowherd boyfriends, herding the cows, and it was here that every day He would meet His beloved gopis, the cowherd girl, who are the most beloved of all His devotees.

The pastime of Krishna's lifting Govardhana and holding it aloft on the tip of the little finger of His left hand for seven days is one of His most popular, and it is one of His own favorites. Usually, different parts of Vrindavana-dhama are reserved for particular types of pastimes with particular groups of devotees. Nandagrama is reserved mainly for His exchanges with His parents, mother Yasoda and Nanda Maharaja and their peers, whereas the forests are often for being with the cowherd boys or the cows. But during govardhana-lila, He interacted with all his devotees simultaneously for a whole week, fulfilling His own desire to be with them, and their desires to have His company.

So Govardhana Hill fulfills all the desires of anyone who comes in contact with it. Let us walk around it and experience that for ourselves.