Nataraj 10.5"

Nataraj 10.5"

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Nataraj is the dancing form of Lord Shiva. The term 'Nataraj' means 'King of Dancers'. Nataraj is shown with four hands which represent the four cardinal directions. He is dancing, with his left foot elegantly raised and the right foot on a dwarf holding a cobra. The upper left hand holds a flame, the lower left hand points down to the dwarf. The upper right hand holds an hourglass drum or dumroo that symbolizes the male-female vital principle, the lower shows the hand symbol of assertion: "Be without fear." Snakes that represent egotism, are seen uncoiling from his arms, legs, and hair, which is braided and bejewelled. His matted locks are whirling as he dances within an arch of flames representing the endless cycle of birth and death. The entire figure rests on a lotus pedestal, the symbol of the creative forces of the universe.
The classic Shiva dancing is cast in resin and beautifully hand-painted.

Statue size: 10.5 inches