Sanskrit Citra Kosha

Sanskrit Citra Kosha

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Sanskrit Picture Dictionary, compiled by Paul O'Sullivan (Prana Dasa) B.A., Dip. Ed, Dip. TESSOL. M. Ed. This book provides those new to Sanskrit, particularly English speakers, exposure to many of the high frequency words required to communicate in spoken Sanskrit to accelerate Sanskrit vocabulary acquisition.

Words are introduced in associational categories: body parts, dress and ornaments, colors, household, school and nature, food, occupations, institutions, animals and transportation. Lexical 'chains', or words which fit together in a topic or theme is the best way to introduce vocabulary.

There is also a section on high frequency verbs.

Each topic includes a few simple sentences to enable the learner to ppreciate the natural flow of Sanskrit language. Review pages are included at the end of each major section.

Devanagari and Roman transliteration used for every image.

Index ordered alphabetically in English for quick reference.

Pronunciation guide for diacritics used in the Roman transliteration.

Appendix with Roman transliteration and meanings in English.

Prana Dasa has been a teacher of Sanskrit for 30 years. For the past twelve years has been the principal in the government recognized Hare Krishna School in Auckland, New Zealand. The school received $750,000 in government funding for teacher salaries and operation expenses in 2011.

The Sanskrit Picture Dictionary was awarded developmental funding and is the first in a series developed in consultation with the Ministry of Education of New Zealand. Subsequent volumes include a Teacher's Guide and Student's Lessons Parts 1 and 2.