Urban Monk:Exploring Karma, Consciousness and the Divine

Urban Monk:Exploring Karma, Consciousness and the Divine

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by Gadadhara Pandit Dasa

From the hills of Hollywood to the sacred soil of India and the chic avenues of the East Village of New York City, Gadadhara Pandit Dasa has found himself at the nexus of the spiritual bridge between East and West.

In Urban Monk, Pandit speaks to the loneliness, emptiness and vulnerability of our post-modern society through his remarkable journey into the life of a monk. Through his open-hearted and open-minded exploration of some of the most vital concepts of our contemporary spirituality, Pandit shares the deep wisdom of the East and its intimate and universal connection to our global experience.

Urban Monk is the story of a rare and courageous soul who has timeless wisdom to share for the uncertain ways and paths of the 21st Century

Here is what some customers thought about the book:

Written from the heart, this book is a truly beautiful and inspirational account of Pandit's life story and what it is like to be a monk in New York City. This book is a reflection of spiritual life in the 21st century, showing that one really can find a spiritual haven in 'the big apple.' Pandit takes you with him on his incredible life journey and one gets a chance to be with his joys, sorrows, fears and hopes.

As someone who is a long time seeker and avid reader of several spiritual accounts, this one offers a fresh perspective. It is relatable to those that are just beginning their journey or who have long since been on their path.

The book is generous and engaging, with a touch of humor mixed in. Hope that you get to read this book like me and take the journey of heart with Pandit!

Review by ColumbiaStudent

I started reading Urban Monk a few days ago and I haven't been able to put it down. Pandit writes in a humble and engaging style sharing his story of going from a million dollar home in LA to living in a monastery and ultimately becoming a monk. Throughout he weaves the philosophy of the Bhagavad Gita, sharing some of his favorite passages and explaining their meaning in the context of his experience. You get a real sense for who Pandit is, but you also get an opportunity to explore your own values through the lens of his life story. It's a very easy to read, enjoyable, and educational book.
Review by Lorenz C. Sell

The life-story and eternal spiritual wisdom Gadadhar Pandit Das shares in Urban Monk is a unique gift for any 21st Century seeker. This book provides a bridge between the deeply personal spirituality which our contemporary personality demands and the ancient yet timeless wisdom of the Vedic tradition, which can provide many answers to the existential dilemmas of our individual and collective lives.

Above all it is an amazing story which defies belief on many occasions, and which has many different flavors of humor, crisis, joy, and discovery which give it an essential humanity amidst the profound metaphysical aspects of Pandit's journey. Urban Monk is a book which will speak to both East and West, spiritual and religious, agnostic and initiate, curious and committed. It's honest, wonderful, and even truly enlightening!
Review by Chris Fici