Vedic Astrology Deck


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Vedic Astrology Deck

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The Vedic Astrology Deck, Find your hidden potential using IndiaŠ—'s ancient science of the stars. Includes a 44-card deck and guidebook, by Jeffrey Armstrong.

Learn the universal wisdom encoded in the study of the stars: A 5,000-year-old science is distilled into a 44-card set and accompanying booklet for easy-to-understand guidance. Covering all the basics from body types, signs and houses, this deck helps you identify how your body type relates to your personality and your character strengths. It also reveals whether it is the willful sun, nurturing moon, or expansive Jupiter that rules you. Accessible and easy to use, this deck will enable you to open the door to the ancient wisdom of Vedic Astrology within minutes.

About the Author
Jeffrey Armstrong, the founder of VASA, Vedic Academy of Sciences & Arts, is an award-winning author of numerous books on Vedic knowledge, including Spiritual Teachings of the Avatar. Armstrong is an Ayurvedic astrologer, philosopher, practitioner and teacher of the Vedas for over 40 years, with degrees in psychology, history, comparative religions and literature. He also had a successful career as an executive in Silicon Valley and as a corporate speaker for Fortune 500 companies before turning to teaching the philosophy and lifestyle of yoga full time. He now lives in Vancouver, BC.