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Champa Durbar Incense
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    Champa Durbar Incense

    Price: $2.25

    Code: IRCd

    One Pack (25 gms) $2.25
    Half-Pound (9 packs) $25
    Kilo (40 packs) $75

    Product Descriptions

    The fragrance of Champa is sweet. It is popular for its delicate scent and has been a part of the Indian culture right from ancient days. It is used in religious ceremonies especially for Goddess Laxmi. It creates a calming effect, dispelling stress and thus opening access to deeper meditative states

    Pure masala durbar incense includes an aromatic base of exotic herbs, flowers, spices, and soft sandalwood essences, carefully combined and rolled onto a bamboo stick. This delicately fragrant combination is then dipped in pure aromatic therapeutic-grade essential oils, for an overall enchanting effect for worship and meditation.

    Each pack is double sealed to maintain the freshness of the fragrance. You will be able to see the separation where the freshly dipped oil meets the pure masala base.

    The pack contains 25 gms of incense, which is between 15 to 20 sticks, depending on the weight of each stick.