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Peachwood Om Japa Beads 11mm
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    Peachwood Om Japa Beads 11mm

    Price: $1.50

    Code: POJBD

    POJB, 108 Beads, Was $7, Now $3.50
    POJB54, 54 Beads, Was $5, Now $2.50
    POJB27, 27 Beads, Was $3, Now $1.50
    POBR, Bracelet, Was $3, Now $1.50

    Product Descriptions

    Peach wood Om Japa Beads.

    "Om" carved on each individual 11mm bead.

    It can be either worn as a necklace or can be used to chant daily during meditation.

    108 bead length strung on 56 inch strand.
    54 bead length strung on 26 inch strand.
    27 bead length strung on 13 inch strand.
    bracelet strung on 8 inch elastic strand.