Australian Zebra Stone Japa Beads 8mm

Australian Zebra Stone Japa Beads 8mm

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This Mala has 108 beads plus one head “guru” bead and color matched tassel. It is 22 inches long on one side, or 44 inches long all the way around, and each bead is 8 mm.

Specifically from the formation in the Ord River district of Western Australia (now underwater), is a sedimentary deposit which occurs as layers of fairly regular red-brown and greyish-white to greyish-beige layers.The formation occurred during the Upper Proterozoic Era or PreCambrian Period and is over 600 million years old.

This Stone has been known as the "seed of Life', bringing fertility to one’s life with respect to creation, on all levels. Mental creativity (left-brain) has been shown to be acutely stimulated with respect to problem-solving and theoretical postulation. Right-brain creativity has been shown to bring brilliance in artwork, with both novel combinations of avant-garde geometrical figures and new combinations of colors. Physical creativity has been shown to be enhanced with respect to working with hands and with respect to stimulating procreation.

Zebra Stone has also presented information, specific to the individual using the stone, with respect to why one is on the earth plane at this time, which persons will be, and have been, a part of the lessons which will or have been learned, and how many lessons remain for this lifetime.