Diary of a Traveling Preacher Vol. 10

Diary of a Traveling Preacher Vol. 10

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Highlights from Indradyumna Swami’s Diary Volume 9:
An arduous trek to a 1,700-year-old Vishnu temple on an active volcano in the remote jungles on the island of Bali. A flight crew thanks him for trying to save a convulsing passenger’s life and asks him to teach them the maha-mantra.

A detailed account of Hurricane Katrina’s devastation and how the devotees in New Orleans and on the Mississippi farm weather the storm.

How a spiteful deputy mayor in Poland, cancels their festival, and then has an amazing change of heart.

Meet the Indian Ambassador to Poland who preaches Bhagavad-gita from the stage and fields the questions and answers booth.

Maharaja tolerates flea-infested seats, sleeping, intoxicated flight attendants, and planes dangerously low on fuel as he traverses Russia to preach in the sub-zero tundra of Siberia.

On harinama in Greece Maharaja meets a face reading, fortune telling Chinese doctor whose predictions about Maharaja all come true.

Paperback, 1449 pages.