Luminous Art Radha Kund Lila

Luminous Art Radha Kund Lila

Product Details

Radha and Krishna are sporting in the waters of Radha Kund, the most holy lake in Vrindavan.
Lotus flowers and birds are participating in the play.

Luminous© technology utilizes a unique image substrate which is fully reflective, unlike paper and other materials which absorb light and appear dull. The brilliant Luminous image is further enhanced by a crystal covering which focuses incoming light on the image and transmits it with undiminished color and detail. Crystal far surpasses glass, because the crystalline lattice transmits light without resistance or distortion. Finally, the crystal cover and image are tightly bonded by UV-light adhesive to insure an enduring, exquisite and luminous picture.

Size: 2.25 x 3.25 inches