Perfect Questions, Perfect Answers

Perfect Questions, Perfect Answers

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Conversations between His Divine Grace AC Bhaktivedanta Swami Prabhupada and Bob Cohen, a Peace Corps Worker in India

In 1972, a search for meaning carries Bob Cohen, young US Peace corps worker half-way around the world, to an ancient city in the midst of West Bengal. There in a small bamboo house, in the holy land of Mayapur, he finds himself at the feet of one of India's greatest saintly teachers, a teacher who seems to tell him everything he wants to know.

Topics include:
-Krishna, the All-Attractive
-Vedic Culture
-The Real Goal of Life
-The Three Modes of Nature
-Becoming Pure
-The Perfect Devotee
-Acting in Knowledge of Krishna
-Advancing in Krishna Consciousness
-Deciding the Future.

Softback, 110 pages.