The Littlest Giant: The Story of Vamana

The Littlest Giant: The Story of Vamana

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Written by Joshua M. Greene, Illustrations by Emma V. Moore.

King Bali is not a bad soul; he's just ambitious. He wants to be the greatest king of all! His wicked advisor, Shukra, encourages him to seek even greater power and riches, and soon Bali's kingdom grows far and wide. Still, Bali is not satisfied. He is not sure what it will take to be happy. One day, Bali is visited by a tiny sage who makes a very small request. Though he is quick to grant his guest's wish, Bali will soon see that looks can be very deceiving.

In this retelling of the ancient Sanskrit story, King Bali learns that big things can come in small packages - and that sometimes the smallest courtesy can bring the biggest rewards.

31 full color pages. Hardbound with dust jacket.